Today, a company’s computer system cannot be merely a tool for improving service and quality. It must also be an integral part of all the company processes, guiding, monitoring and interrupting production if necessary, so as to prevent errors and refabrications.
The management and control system used by Lastra has the flexibility required by a dynamic company in continuous evolution.

The computer system used covers all processes:

It automatically enters orders, thus avoiding mistakes in data entry and quantities. It checks that the pieces entered meet the requirements of EN 1090 legislation. It records and monitors production. It monitors and, if necessary, stops the retrieval of materials from the warehouse. It manages the traceability of the materials used, and it generates 3.1 certificates, personalised reports, statements of work and labels.
Last but not least, it makes it possible for customers to stay constantly up-to-date on the progress and status of their orders, costs, order history, and the management of their materials certificates.