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Piegatura acciaio


Thanks to specialised skills acquired after long training, our press brake department operators are capable of creating everything from the simplest of pieces to true works of art.

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Taglio Laser


The company has the latest generation of machines for Plasma Cutting and Laser

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Calandratura acciaio


Hydraulic calender by the MG company, length 2500 x 8 mm, with 3 CNC-controlled rollers and a cone bending system.
It can bend thicknesses from 1 mm up to 15 mm.

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LASTRA – Company profile

Lastra was founded in Ravenna in 1969. Lastra is specialised in the cutting and bending of sheet metal and plate using computer numerical control (CNC) machinery: laser cutting, inclined plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, press brakes, calenders and a computer-based production planning and management system. In the early 2000s, while continuing to manage large numbers of orders, Lastra began a process of specialisation, focusing on supply and service, and the fulfilment of small orders, with the help of new mechanical technologies. Since 2010, it has obtained its own ISO 9001 Management System Certificate and enhanced its computer system’s ability to automatically manage orders. Today, our company stands out in its field, due to the fact that it does not limit itself to manufacturing. Instead, it is committed to working with the customer as though it were a department within the customer’s own company, putting its expertise at the customer’s disposal from design through to manufacture. Customers can use the reserved area to monitor the entire production process in real time.

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